Romina at wall
I was born for the 2.0 world, this is where I live and this is what I love. Digging into my anthropology background paired with a love for culture and technology, Clarity Jones.com is where I post my thoughts some short and some long as well as share the best of digital culture. In the constantly culturally shifting chaos of the wired world overrun with viral videos, fly by night memes and cacophony of view-points, Clarity Jones weeds through the trans-media hinterland to dissect, distill and disseminate views news found from the best of the net.

Check out what I do offline at Thinking Like A Village and musical endeavors at Spinning Drum.com. If you like what I do and want me to do it for you, check out my multi-media portfolio at Nexia Design and Follow me on Twitter at @Andabeat and on Google Plus at Romina Jones.